Greetings from the CEO

Welcome to the Shinheung Construction website.

Founded in 1994, Shinheung Construction has helped customers complete infrastructure projects such as railways, roads, bridges and harbors with advanced technology. We also have performed various building works such as medical facilities, educational facilities, sports facilities, cultural facilities and office buildings, providing creative spaces.

Our expertise and experience have deepened for the last 26 years, and we are doing our best to improve customer satisfaction. In addition, we are growing our business based on effective and transparent management systems and a solid financial structure. We are all committed to performing effective and safe construction through continuous improvement of working environments.

We will continue to be a leader in national land developments with the best quality and technical expertise. We will do our best to become a leading global construction company by developing new business and acquiring advanced technology. We appreciate your ongoing support.

Shinheung Construction Co., LTD

CEOSeung Cheul Shin

Our Vision

Shape our cities, shape our future

Core Values

  • Cooperation
  • Challenge
  • Creativity


  • 01Diversify Business Portfolio
  • 02Develop New Growth Engines
  • 03Drive Business Growth Through Technology
  • 04Secure Global Competitiveness